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Architecture is the science of the design of structures or buildings such as houses, places of worship, and office buildings.

Interior Design

Interior designing is a process that can turn interior (inside) spaces into an effective setting (environment) suitable for people’s activities and functions.

Landscape design

Landscape architecture is the design of outdoor public areas, landmarks, and structures to achieve environmental, social-behavioral, or aesthetic outcomes

Project Management

Project managers have the responsibility of the planning, procurement and execution of a project, in any domain of engineering.

Architect Role : Architects are highly drilled in building design, engineering, and ergonomics. At the outset of a remodeling project, an architect will examine your house, listen to your dreams and needs, and then provide solutions and approximate building costs.


Each and every one of our employees represent the spirit of our company.
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Neha Modi

Neha Modi believes, an architect is a catalyst of change in society, setting the stage for all human activities on earth. As architects we challenge ourselves to achieve a balance between Responsible Creativity and Creative Responsibility in all our projects to arrive at holistic solutions.
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Pushpraj Marwah

Founder strategist and mentor
he is the mastermind behind success story of SDA. His eye for perfection is reflected in each and every design created by team SDA. A rock solid personality whose vast experience in the project management field has proved to be boon for the entire firm. His proficiency in manning the architectural ship is commendable for the fact that he is constantly propelling the organization towards the peak of success, marking various landmarks as they climb.
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Admin officer
Chirag joined SDA with no exposure to architectural field, in JAN 2014. He is now life support for the functioning of SDA. An excellent team player, he is always first point contact for clients, consultants and vendors. He manages demands for all team members efficiently. He keeps the entire SDA team smiling and happy by proficiently organizing everything from schedules to travels to fun office parties.
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Yogesh Lohar

Being a dynamic leader
Being a dynamic leader, SDA depends on Yogesh’s skill of detailing and the judicious use of technology. He is constantly challenging and perfecting specification of even smallest aspect of project at every level that ensures high quality design. He helps define very values office stands for and strives to infuse these into all projects at every stage.


Neha Studio provides one step solutions in architect design. The Modern House meets the growing demand for exceptional living spaces of all kinds, including lofts, factory conversions, architects’ own homes, and period houses with excellent extensions and superior interiors.

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